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Zach Forner | Founder & CEO

Zach is a proven sales expert and organizational leader with nearly 20 years of experience across multiple industries from contracting, retail to medical. Prior to founding Summit Sales Development Zach worked as an executive leader and helped scale a separate coaching and training company that now has an impact throughout North America. Having worked with the owners and leaders of many top companies, Zach has a passion and gift for developing executive leaders, sales leaders and helping to produce high performing sales professionals.

In addition to being a master coach, legendary sales closer and sales trainer, one of his greatest focuses is impacting business professionals through words. He accomplishes this by serving as a keynote speaker in leadership development, self-growth and sales development across many industry verticals. When you hear him speak, your team will never forget it! Through his appearances many have been empowered, transformed and encouraged not only here in North America but also in Europe and Eurasia.

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Live Keynote Speaking with Zach

As an international speaker, Zach Forner is prepared to deliver a captivating message that will empower, encourage and challenge your team to take themselves, their roles and their careers to the next level. His style of delivery is direct, deep, charismatic, convicting, highly-engaging and sure to be the speaker highlight of your event. His most popular topics typically revolve around self-fulfillment, leadership development, motivational speaking and sales growth. He welcomes private corporate level engagements, trade shows, convention events, sales training events and leadership summits. Regardless of your company’s needs, you will not be disappointed with Zach’s in-person engagement! Additionally, he’s always open to discussing and crafting a custom message that will speak to your team, culture and current needs.

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