About Zach

Zach had $500 in his account, a wife and a young child. He was “trying” to make it in life. He had always viewed sales as something he had to do, not something that could change his life and his family tree.

Initially, he had been trained to “hard sell”. Shove a pencil in their face and make them sign! After all, if you apply enough pressure, the prospect will eventually say yes, right? The next sales job led him to reading a script like a robot and he was encouraged to trust the process, smile and dial. Neither approach worked for him and the majority of those around him. His sales career was broken, it was unprofitable and it was frustrating. He didn’t have the answer and neither did his trainers or sales leaders. There were thousands of methods out there and yet they all seemed to favor someone with individual talent and charisma.

Fast forward to today and after nearly 20 years of sales experience since his journey began…

Zach has sold millions upon millions of products, goods and professional services. Through much frustration, mentorship, trial and error he learned over time that success hinged on one simple thing; asking strategic questions.

He learned that the better your questions are the more of an expert you’re perceived to be and you will find that people sell themselves. Because of that, he’s on a mission to rescue every salesperson and sales leader that is spending 90% of their time with people that either can’t buy, won’t make a decisive decision or even worse; they’re not even the kind of client you want in the first place!


Since finding sales success, Zach has served as an executive leader, keynote speaker and sales trainer for hundreds of sales professionals and sales leaders globally.

Our vision

To exist as the most trusted and impactful global leadership and sales development company on planet earth.

Values we live by

Honesty – Without honesty, it’s impossible to build great companies and great people

Humility – Transformation and development begins with a willingness to be helped

Hunger –  All the knowledge in the world won’t matter if you don’t have the desire to succeed