Client Results

Dillon Z.

“Summit has shown me the value of making connections and providing solutions for my customers. Focusing on solutions, leads to the best possible end goal; a happy and returning client. Implementing this early into my business career has already made a huge impact”



“Summit has been transforming our organization from the inside out. Our sales are growing and our team is much more motivated.”

Mariana Barbosa | Founder of Lytron Strategic

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Elektro Marine

Summit really improved the way I see my business and myself as one that brings value. From communication with clients and employees to closing more deals. I can already see a big difference in the way I negotiate new jobs and get new clients. The time I spent with Summit was invaluable.”

Mirko Mrcela | Owner of Elektro Marine

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“Great read and straight to the good stuff! Zach packs years of leadership lessons into this quick read the every leader needs to know from the beginning, not after 15 years of doing it wrong”

Brian F.

Barnes Crossing Auto Group | Fixed Operations Director

“I just wanted to write and thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me. All this time has been amazing for my growth in confidence and it’s completely changing my mindset. And I’m already closing deals!!! Thank you so much! “

Luana R.

BRINT | Sales Representative

” Loved the E-book, I think part three spoke to me on the most real level and is giving me a lot to think about right now.”

Nathan H.

Marketing Cario | Co-Founder

“Zach was amazing yesterday. A real plethora of knowledge. I’m sure this is why he is where he is.”

James Riehl

Columbine Roofing | Senior Project Manager